Welcome to the Battle Pirates Ultimate Guide!

Battle Pirates is a base building war game you can play on Facebook. Build a base complete with defenses, use technology, Gather resources and build great warships as you battle it out on the high seas against other players. Use this Ultimate guide to gain the edge over your opponents and become the most Fearsome Pirate in your Sector!

Base Invaders

Base Invaders

TIP in Winning With Minimal Repairs

 Top Fleet types to use. Currently Engine Subs with instant repairs seem to be doing the best against bases. Coming up second are Du4 Sea Wolfs with thuds 17.5 Min's per ship. Best chances of soloing bases are the ones that are 2-5 levels below your own. The higher the base level the stronger the base defenses & the stronger the fleets you'll face. When attacking a base, come in from the side. If you come in from the bottom BOTH defensive platforms will fire at your fleet at the same time. If you come in on the right or left side you can take out that side, then target the other defensive platform moving across the middle of the map to it. With HB1/Thud IV you can hit the main platform as you're heading to the final defensive platform on the opposite side that you came in on. Faster lower repair fleets are doing much better then stronger slower fleets they are just getting less resources per base. The trade off in using a stronger fleet is that you have to waste a lot of resources with your stronger fleet in repairs, but you can hit more bases at a time & gain more resources. If you do NOT have Sea Wolfs or Subs you can use Battle Barges with Thud IV & the highest armor available to you. Some players are reporting success at combining Armor Specials (Reactive, Albative, & Layered Armor) with an attack range increase or combat speed increase.

Combat Rules
This event is primarily a multiplayer combat event. To succeed you will need to group up with other players and attack as a combined force. The more players you fight alongside, the less damage you will take and the faster you will achieve the event prizes.
  • Quota and leader board points are awarded from the damage you do to Draconian base platforms and ships.
  • Looted resources no longer count toward quota and leader board points.
  • Draconian bases are numbered like player bases.
  • Loot is given equally to all players in the same battle whenever any single Draconian platform or ship is destroyed. The more powerful the Draconian base the more loot is given from destroying it. Players will be able to over-loot up to 5x just as when attacking player bases.
  • Up to four players can be in combat against a Draconian Outpost at one time.
  • Battles are 'rolling' which means that players can join while other players are already in combat.
    • A yellow glow around a Draconian Outpost means that it has less than 4 players attacking it, and you are able to join the battle if you so choose.
    • A red glow around a Draconian Outpost means that the maximum 4 players are already in combat and you cannot join.
  • Only Draconian Outposts support 4 player battles. Salvages, player bases, etc. are still single fleets, or a maximum of 2 players (attacker vs defender).
  • There is no Friendly Fire! You cannot attack or damage other players' ships while in combat against a Draconian Outpost.
  • Each player can only have 1 fleet in a multiplayer battle.

Due to the epicness of the event a suitably epic prize has been garnered. The blueprint to the largest Draconian ship to date, the mighty Dreadnought, has been found and will be given to the top 4 players in each sector. Not the best 4 player group but the best 4 players. Nevertheless, grouping up with 4 other players will lead to less damage to your ships and quicker progression in the event.
Please note, leader board/quota points are generated from the damage done to Draconian platforms and defending ships. Looted resources no longer count toward leader board/quota points.

 Sector Prize: Draconian Dreadnought Hull for the top 4 players. 8 Weapons, 4 armors, 4 specials, 13000 total weight.

Quota Prize: Draconian Compound Armor. Reduces damage taken from all surface weapons.
Quota Point Requirements: Quota #1 = 80,000 points, Quota #2 = 800,000 points, & Quota #3 = 8,000,000 points.

Extra Information

Repairs time will be halved during the event and Salvage fleets will drop off in number as the Draconian channel more of their resources into constructing bases. Player relocation will also be off.


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